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the names of those who have made donations to the rose are:

Margaret King; The O'Brien Clan; Steve Price; Brian Fidler; Audrey Jones; Gina Skilton; Margaret Voyce; Sue Parmenter; Jools Lewington & Emma Broe; Sue England; Carole Gibson; Michael Hannah; Ralph Covino; Deborah Thaine; Andy Robinson(dustyspringfield.co.uk); Dorothea Farquhar; Monica Glover; Jill Botwright; Peter Lancaster; Mike Gilbert; Philip Hopson; Ali Phillips; Adrian Burbridge; Daniel & Margaret Stevens; June; Richard Morrison; Wally Welling; John Harding; C. Robinson; James Fabiano; Vicki Wickham; Gill Dukes; John Barrett; Gareth, Gavin, Jennifer & Ron Stevens; Christopher Carroll; Stella Webb; Brenda Stott; Y. Seabrook; Ms. Andy Fraser; Adrienne Deross; Judy Wallak; Maria Lofgren; Robert Watkin; Barbara Birch; Nora Marhar; Jack Donaghy; Alison Moore; Dottie Foley; Donald McPhail; William Whitehead; David Reid; Linton Harvey; Bruce Bowmaker; Garry Potter; Stefan Sittig; Dave from Music World; Alan Burgess; Greta Warden; Steven Blaski; David Tan; Beth Eastwood; Steven Price; Joan Cox; Gayle Jones; Richard Morrison; Terry Styles; Richard Maybe; Annaliese Landa; Nicky Young; Peter Carlton; Jim Orlowski; Alec Garroway; Ron Kagan; Susan Jamieson; Martin Dufty; Alan Rice; Geraldine Moyle; Dave Griffiths;Tom Coen; David Edge; Geoff Lowery; Frans Jansen; Bill Shults; Ruth Davison; Alan Hickman; Maugie Stevens; Myra Brent; Billy Gibbs; Peter Van Aanroy; Mark Jeffery; Stuart; Cinnamon & Tyme Short; Bali Short; The Gas Man(!); Gordon Penfold; Vicky Martin; Pauline; David; Judy Melody; Anthony Went; Sue Fairless; Terry Sykes; Alan & Joan Ellaway; Jenny Mills; Sterry Larsen; John McElroy; Barbara Scott; Trish Newman-Mills; Deb Landon; Ross McMichael; Andrew Gilliver; Paco; Kevin Winkler; Emma Rattray; Jeffery King; Jeff Godsey; Edward J Duerholz; Denis Hutchinson; Carol Chaplin; Maureen Brennan; Maria Lofgren; Jodde Cook; Stephen Ward; Trudy Mitchell; Rosemary & Anga; Tony Timbs; Val Jones; Richard Oakes; David Bloor; Al Troice; Will Power; Linda Moore; Rory Musil; Amber; Gareth Stevens; David Rigby; Jennifer Weller; Gill Horwood; Monica & Martyn (Horse & Groom); Bob Chaplin; Anna Lygoe; Karen Moriarty; Fred Smith; Diane Thornton-Wallace; Richard Brezner; Evan Mahaney; Tom Finch; Cyril Brute; Robert Cook; Hugh Rees; Michael Bayly (Woman of Repute); Jane Jolliffe; John Harding; Jim Clough; Pete Kelly; Sue Cockcroft; Derek Elmer; Peter Yokson; Patricia Parker; Richard Eves; Andrew Simpson; T. Cox; Stewart Hale; Anna Lygo & friends; Riet Mentz + one anonymous donor.


FINAL TOTAL: £3737.04

Dusty fans Colin & Jill Claydon started the necessary process for the naming of a new rose (pictured left) after Dusty . They donated the first £50 required to register the name with the International Registration of Roses in the U.S.A.





SUMMER 2003:

The official launch of the rose at the Hampton Court Flower Show.


£2 from the sale of every bush will go to the Royal Marsden Hospital charity.


see letter from Pat Rhodes









the TREE project

Robert Watkin has successfully raised funds in order to have a tree planted in memory of Dusty in Kew Gardens, London. Thanks to the generosity of Dusty Devotedly visitors, members of DSB, and visitors on "Dusty Day" 2000, the required amount has been raised. Excess funds will be donated to the Royal Marsden Hospital Charity.

 Currently: £1,106 received, Running total: £1,106

£206 donated to Royal Marsden Hospital.
The Kew Foundation have planted a Japanese flowering Cherry Tree(Prunus Sargentii), surrounded by Spring bulbs which would be likely to flower around the anniversary of Dusty's death & her birthday.  Although has not possible to put a plaque on the tree, it can be found at Location 181. Accession number is 2001-875.The appeal for the tree is now closed.SEE LETTER FROM KEW GARDENSHOW TO FIND THE TREE AT KEW